Let’s talk Boundaries

Inspired by the title of the seminar, this open session invites participants to reflect on and discuss approaches to Boundaries in Sustainability Education and Research. Questions such as “What boundaries are we talking about nowadays? Why do we need to go beyond boundaries? Are boundaries necessary at all?” emerge nowadays and call for us to revisit the notion of boundaries.

Beyond Boundaries in Sustainability Education? 

Toward this direction, we will be using the metaphor of diffraction to look into boundaries from a new materialist and post-humanist perspective. In new materialist thinking and, more particularly, in the work of Karen Barad (Posthumanist Performativity: Toward an Understanding of How Matter Comes to Matter, 2003), the perspective on Boundaries is illustrated through the metaphor of diffraction of waves. An example of a diffraction pattern of waves is depicted in the featured image of this post. Diffraction appears in the form of more bright and more shadowy regions in the circular shape of ocean waves..

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