Contact Information

Chairman of the Finnish Demographic Society
Marika Jalovaara
Academy Research Fellow, Docent
Sociology Unit, Department of Social Research, University of Turku
Email: marika.jalovaara (at)
tel: +358 2 333 53 78, +358 40 587 98 26 (gsm)

Secretary of the Finnish Demographic Society
Hanna Rinne
Researcher, M.Sc.
Rehabilitation Foundation
e-mail: svy-sihteeri (at)
tel: +358 44 781 3104

Treasurer of the Finnish Demographic Society
Mauri Nieminen
M.Sc., (retired)
e-mail: mauri.nieminen (at)
tel: +358 50 500 3342

Address of the society:
The Finnish Demographic Society
c/o Hanna Rinne
Pakarituvantie 4-5, P.O.Box 39
FIN-00411 Helsinki

Board members 2015-2016

Chairman: Marika Jalovaara (University of Turku)
Vice chairman: Mika Gissler (National Institute for Health and Welfare)
Secretary: Hanna Rinne (Rehabilitation Foundation)
Other members: Tiina Pensola (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)
Markus Rapo (Statistics Finland)
Hanna Remes (University of Helsinki)
Karri Silventoinen (University of Helsinki)
Minna Säävälä (Population Research Institute, Väestöliitto)
Ismo Söderling (Institute of Migration)