New Members

On behalf of Tsemppi Board 2016, welcome!

Tsemppi, an organization that represents international students and researchers, warmly welcomes you to the University of Helsinki and to Finland!

We know how exciting it is to start a new life in a different country – new people to meet, many enjoyable things to do. However,  this brand-new experience also means leaving your family and long-time friends behind and you might face certain difficulties while adapting to your new life (like all of us have, at some point in our lives!). To make this transition a lot smoother and to make living and studying in Helsinki more enjoyable for you, Tsemppi is here for almost anything both new and old international students and researchers need. The connection works both ways; we organize activities in which you are welcome to join along with your friends. You are also encouraged to be our board member and bring your own ideas for future activities.

Whether you are a new international or Finnish graduate student, PhD student or Post-doc researcher, we hope you find this blog helpful. Tsemppi has prepared various materials geared to your specific stage (Graduate or Postgraduate/Post-doc) and will be organizing events throughout the academic year to help you meet new people in Helsinki. Also don’t forget to sign up to the Tsemppi mailing list, Like our official Facebook page, and follow upcoming events on Tsemppi or Tsemppi PhD Facebook groups!

Tsemppi is here for you. The more, the merrier!


Tsemppi Board