Instructions: Pro gradu -work

In Helsinki your product has a variety of names: ‘graduate work’; ‘pro gradu -work’; or ‘Master’s thesis’. They all refer to the same thing. What it officially consists of, is expressed quite laconically (from

Kf360 Master’s Thesis

 Code: 714120 Credits: 40


The aim of the Master’s thesis is to train students in independent research, methods of philosophy, argumentation, the use of source material and scientific writing.


Study unit Kf340.

Mode of assessment

Writing of the Master’s thesis is mainly independent work supported by advanced seminars and study groups. The topic of the thesis and the working plan should be discussed with the supervisor preferably before the advanced seminars. During the writing of the thesis students should also regularly consult the professor or other thesis supervisor. In principle, the thesis can be submitted to the Faculty at any time but the student must also take a written examination, i.e. the Maturity test, before the thesis is evaluated. The Maturity test is given five times during the academic year and the thesis must be submitted to the Department at least ten days earlier. For more information, contact the Foreign Students’ Adviser.



is usually 60-80 pages, yet depending on the nature of the work, it can be longer or shorter (for instance highly technical works can be shorter).


Graduate works are evaluated according to the following criteria: evaluationform


When you turn in your pro gradu -work, you need to attach an abstract of the work. Here’s the template: Abstract