The first meeting of the seminar is on Wed 1.2.2012 at 14-16 (U40 sh A110), where the goals, working order and dates are settled.


Phase I: Your topic; a short description

– plans in the blog by Wed 8.2

Phase I -meeting Wed 15.2 at ??

– outlining/describing topics; finding an instructor; choosing the work to be commented

Phase II: Deepening and developing the topic; setting the research question(s)/claims; survey of relevant literature

– February-April: individual discussions with Olli and/or instructor; writing of PSP

– plans in the blog by Sun 18.3

Phase II -meeting Tue 27.3 at ??

– presenting the plan, comments and discussion

Phase III: Final plan & working schedule

– plans in the blog by Sun 22.4

–  individual discussions with the instructor

Phase III -meeting  Wed 2.5 at ??

– presenting the final plan & working schedule; comments and discussion

Note! Remember to bring with you the Instruction contract and the PSP to the last meeting

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