Instructions: Blog writing

1. Log in with your University of Helsinki -user name and password.

– When you log in, the UH-blogservice automatically creates you a blog stationary. Unless you wish to start your own blog, you need not pay attention to this.

– after signing in, send your user name to Olli (, and he will enlist you among the users of the blog.

2.After you receive a reply from Olli, sign in the blog

– now that you have been added as a user in the blog, sign in the blog through ‘Log in’ – on the right hand side of the page – with you UH -user name and password.

3. Once you are logged in, the page which opens up contains a link ‘Add New Post’. Clicking it opens a page on which you can write your post/message. This is where you write (or copy/paste) your research plan. Alternately, you can include your plan in the post as a file attachment.

– If you wish to password-protect your post, so that no outsiders can access it, you will find on the right hand side an option ‘Visibility’. Go there and click ‘Password protected’ and write the password sent to you by Olli.

– Once you are done, click ‘Publish’, and that’s it!