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Welcome! On this page is info & exercises for the course in English. Exercises will be done at paja (lab), where instructors help and mark the exercises as done.

There will be four weeks of exercises. The deadline for each week is Thursday at 16:00. For the first week, it’s already on 6.9., but that’s no panic since the first week’s exercises are easy & small!

There will be paja on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as follows (new times after first week). Come anytime you like. Also the Finnish first year students will be there, they’re fun to chat with for sure!

Paja at BK107 as follows.

  • Tue 16–18
  • Wed 10–12 | 14–18
  • Thu 10–1314–16

Exercises (incoming)

  1. Department’s Ubuntu environment (translated!) (deadline Thu 6.9. @ 16:00)
  2. HTML(5) & CSS (translated!) (deadline Thu 13.9. @ 16:00)
  3. Linux remote connections & shell scripting (deadline Tue 25.9. @ 18:00)
  4. Spreadsheets & LaTeX (deadline Tue 2.10. @ 18:00)

Checklist for marked exercises. Log in with cs dept account.

12 thoughts on “In English

  1. I have gone to paja on thursday 13.9, and I have show my exercises to Mikko, who marked all as correct. I have looked in the cheklist, and I have 0 points! There MUST be an error! I also had a similar problem on the first week exercises, because the girl who I show the exercises say that it was EVERYTHING ok and instead of having 18 points I only receive 17!

    • Hello! Yes there is error (actually two). Mikko hasn’t yet logged his points to internet (whoops!), it will happen today and you’ll get points.

      I’ll also fix the first week points. I dropped one exercise from the English set (whoops!), so there were 17 while in Finnish set there’s 18. I just added the missing point to everyone.

        • Now I have the same problem that last week… I show my exercises about linux remote connections on Tuesday to Emilia, and I did all the work, but it appears like 0 points… Is it because she didn’t copied the marks yet?

    • Now (or 10 minutes ago). Sorry about that! The deadline is moved until next Tuesday. But note that you’ll be busy with the C exercises, so you have to do Työväline (or C) exercises before Tuesday anyway!

  2. I think my student id isn’t listed in document which mentions the score. I have submitted first two exercises in lab. What is course id for this course ?


    • Hello. Your student id is listed in the checklist. Just do a search (ctrl-f) with your student id (without the first zero in the id).

  3. Hi!
    I have shown 3rd week exercises on Thu 25.09 to a girl in a red T-Shirt. But in the checklist i still have 0 points. I would like to know, why you have not marked them.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Regards, Sanzhar

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