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gdExpertise in Russia and Eastern Europe and employment

Aleksanteri Institute’s Multidisciplinary studying programmes offer students the possibility to grow into experts on Russian and Eastern European issues. Diverse and international regional expertise gives excellent preparedness for work life. You can read more on work life from Aleksanteri Institute’s webpages.

In cooperation with the Tampere University of Applied Sciences is organized a project course: Sustainable Business Model Canvas – Finnish and Russian experiences of recycling waste (5 cr).

The main objective of the project course concerning waste and circular economy is to discuss and introduce new ways to make business from waste and think about the waste more like a resource. Students from different universities will work together in small multicultural and multidisciplinary teams solving authentic business-related tasks given by partner company by using Business Canvas Model –tool.

The course includes two parts, a theoretical part in online platform Moodle (independent studies) in April-May 2019 and an intensive week in St. Petersburg 12-17 May 2019. Both parts are compulsory for the ExpREES  and University of Helsinki students.

Students write a two-page written assignment based on the materials in Moodle before the intensive week in St. Petersburg, in order to become acquainted with the course topic. During the course students write a learning diary, analyzing and reflecting the course themes from the point of view of their own study lines.

The costs of the intensive week (traveling, accommodation, visa, insurance and lunches) are covered by FIRST+ grant. The course is organized together with Tampere University of Applied Sciences, North-West Institute of Management (RU) and ITMO University (RU).

Did you get interested in waste business, circular economy, meeting an international group of students and spending six days in St. Petersburg? Apply via electronic form by 22 March 2019!

Note: Make sure that you have a valid passport that is valid also 6 months after the journey.