Structure of Studies

opiskelun tueksi

ExpREES students complete at least 25 cr of studies and write thesis that is related to Russia, Eastern Europe or the region of former Soviet Union.

Obligatory Stydies from 2015 onwards

  • ExpREES Summer School or other Summer School* 5 cr
  • Aleksanteri Institute’s online course on current research issues, offered yearly 5 cr. Link to the course.
  • ExpREES thesis seminar 5 cr or 3 cr REE-course from other theme than one of his/her own field of expertise/main subject.

Obligatory courses sum up to 13 – 15 cr.

* to be agreed with the Head of Education

Optional Courses

Students may, in addition to their own faculties’ seminars, attend thesis seminars organized by ExpREES (5 cr). The aim of the ExpREES thesis seminars is to support students’ thesis in questions connected to Russia and Eastern Europe while students’ home faculties take responsibility for theoretical parts of the thesis.

In addition to obligatory studies and seminars, students choose other courses according to their own study plans and interests so that the ExpREES courses sum up to at least 25 cr.