VISLU January 2024 About and Profile

Welcome to VISLU blog!

VISLU research project is conducted by PI, PhD Hannah Kaihovirta and leading project researcher PhD Solveig Cornér.

The project is facilitated within the field of research in Diversity, Multilingualism and Social Justice in Education at the University of Helsinki and started in August 2023 when the new curricula and teaching programmes 2023-2026 at the university were published.

VISLU research project has several phases. In the first phase, funded by Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers Academy, we focused on collecting data and developing course curriculum/course content on visual methods, visual practices and visual literacy in teacher education and student teacher practice.

In January 2024 the project turned into the second phase with focus on data management, data analysis, research article production and presentations of research outcomes at seminars, conferences and in researcher networks.

Why a blog on VISLU?

We have two initial blog visions:

  • To establish the blog as a window, and a display for VISLU research articles, outcomes and ideas.
  • To apply the blog as a key for unlocking and opening doors for research contacts, networks and opportunities.

The blog serves as a platform for sharing monthly VISLU updates and for creating space for layers of knowledge and online researcher dialogues on visual literacy learning and visual culture in education and society.


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