VITRI’s research projects & activities

2010 – Today

Giant Panda Research Project: Habitat, Conservation and Local Livelihood Impacts (2018-2022)

Economically viable forest production in smallholder plantations of Central-Vietnam in the context of developing carbon markets (2018-2019)

Green Economy Transitions in the Least Developed Countries (GET-LDC) (2015-2018)

Environmental vulnerability, social resilience and multi-scale governance (ENVGOV) (2015-2017)

Combining growth models and multi-date satellite imagery inventory for improved carbon prediction of tropical forest (AccuCarbon) (2015-2017)

Multilevel Governance and Carbon Management – Learning from REDD+: An Enhanced Global Comparative Analysis (2013-2017)

Private Agricultural Investments and Land Use Change Impact on The Adaptive Capacity of Local Communities to Climate Change in Mozambique, PAIMO (2013-2014)

Building Biocarbon and Rural Development in West Africa (BIODEV) (2012-2017)

2000 – 2010

Trees, agroforestry and livelihood improvement in dryland Africa, TALDA, (2005-2008)

Trees for the Yangtze River: Watershed management and ecosystem rehabilitation in Sichuan Province, China, WAMEC (2004-2006)

Managing the genetic resources of indigenous mahoganies in Africa : Development of multidisciplinary procedure, MAGERMA (2004-2006)

Partnership between public and private actors in forest sector development: Options for dryland Africa, PAPFDA (2004-2005)

Improving the productivity of rubber smallholdings through rubber agroforestry systems in Indonesia and Thailand, RUBAGRIT (2004-2007)

Improved forest resource management for combating desertification in Sudano-Sahelian Africa, IFREMA (2002-2004)

Management of trees for farmland rehabilitation (2000)

Improvement of traditional Acacia senegal agroforestry in the Sudan (1998-2000)

Tropical forest management and rehabilitation as means of biodiversity conservation in Africa (1997-2002)

Until 2000

Early research (before 2000)

Thesis research

On-going doctoral thesis projects

Completed doctoral theses