Chen Ying-Hsien: 芬蘭樂器,日本重製  [A Finnish instrument remade in Japan]. 人類學視界 / AnthroVisions 29 (12/2021): 57–63.


Eve Crazy & Mar Yo: Jigéen ñi (composition Marjo Smolander; lyrics Eve Crazy & Marjo Smolander; arrangement Marjo Smolander, Eve Crazy & Papouné), single, April 2021, Spotify and YouTube.

A Fo! feat. Junglelyd: Wanuza, October 2021, Spotify.

Eve Crazy & Mar Yo: Trilogy: Violences, SP-Party, Lu ñu gëm (compositions Marjo Smolander; lyrics Awa Sané & Marjo Smolander; arrangements Marjo Smolander & Awa Sané), November 2021, Spotify and YouTube.


Siboné Oroza & Antti Nordin: “When I’m on Stage, I Rule” [documentary film, 90 min.]. Première on April 20th, 2022 in Helsinki.

In the media

Ying-Hsien Chen interviewed about Japanese kantele players for Helsingin Sanomat [in Finnish]: “Japanissa toimii yhtyeitä kuten Salmiakki ja Rauma, jotka soittavat suomalaista musiikkia – Moni japanilainen pitää kanteletta jopa parantavana” [In Japan, there are bands like Salmiakki and Rauma that play Finnish music – Many Japanese even think the kantele has healing powers] (Eveliina Mäntylä, March 15th 2022)

Elina Seye comments on #punkstoo discussion in July 2021 (in Finnish and Swedish):