Welcome to the 27th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law! 18-29 August 2014, Helsinki, FINLAND

Helsinki Summer Seminar, 18-29 August 2014, on

International Investment Law: Between Public and Private?

International investment law has over the last two decades or so become highly visible, and investment arbitration has become intensely used. For all the benefits this may generate, it is increasingly becoming clear that relying on investment protection may come to affect the public sector and the distribution of common goods. The Helsinki Summer Seminar aims to offer a forum for discussing a variety of salient political issues, including the effects of investment on development, the ever-important energy sector, and the possible conclusion of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

The 27th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law is open to students, researchers and practitioners with a keen interest in the topic. During two weeks participants will have an opportunity to engage in lectures and workshops led by scholars and practitioners specialising in the topic.

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