Welcome to the 28th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law! 17-28 August 2015, Helsinki, FINLAND

Helsinki Summer Seminar, 17-28 August 2015, on

Sovereignty, Territory, Jurisdiction

In public international law the concepts of sovereignty, territory and jurisdiction are often seen as inextricably linked. The 2015 Helsinki Summer Seminar offers a forum for discussing the relationship between these complex concepts. The aim of the Seminar is to analyze how these concepts affect and have affected our understandings of international law. In order to investigate the underlying assumptions, the Seminar will bring together a wide range of views from e.g. international law, political theory, geography, philosophy and history of international legal thought.

The 28th Helsinki Summer Seminar on International Law is open to students, researchers and practitioners with a keen interest in the topic. During two weeks participants will have an opportunity to engage in lectures and workshops led by scholars and practitioners specialising in the topic.

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Mobility scholarships are offered to Nordic and Baltic doctoral candidates and young researchers (within five years of PhD) who wish to conduct human rights research in one of the Nordic countries for up to two months.

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