AI – Tutor for Demanding Expertise

In this project, we study the application of artificial intelligence technology in professional training situated in virtual reality (VR). Our goal is to enable the development of VR-based learning technology and products. We create pedagogical and process models for the contextual learning scaffolding provided by an AI Tutor within a VR environment.

Part of the study will be performed in a new AIVR lab (nicknamed “IIVARI”) we have set up at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki. In the lab, voluntary participants get to know VR-based learning in intelligent and immersive VR learning solutions created by Upknowledge.

Students and staff at the University of Helsinki are welcome to participate in the research and earn themselves a UNIQUE PATCH! The study includes a pre-survey to be completed before entering the laboratory, a virtual reality experiment, and a post-survey. If you wish, you can also afterwards take part remotely in a stimulated recall interview, where together with the researcher you will look at intriguing events from your gameplay!

The study session takes about 40 minutes and does not require previous experience in the use of virtual reality technology.

At the research laboratory, we follow the university’s coronavirus recommendations and implement hygiene measures. One participant at a time enters the laboratory. We offer disposable gloves and mask for everyone. The devices are also cleaned between each experiment session.

You can participate in the research by booking an appointment here.

Appointments can be booked in three cycles between 09:00 and 16:00.

1. Cycle: 20.9.–8.10.

2. Cycle: 18.10.–12.11. NOW OPEN!

3. Cycle: 22.11.–10.12. NOW OPEN!

Our VR-laboratory IIVARI just had its first birthday and we have had almost 200 visitors. We would like to thank all of our participants and partners for making this unique investigation happen! A student organization, Aikuiskasvatuksen Kilta, wrote a story about their visit to IIVARI. Read what it’s about on pages 13-16!


  • Timo Lindqvist (Co-founder & COB, Upknowledge)
  • Henri Peltonen (Project Manager, Upknowledge)
  • Kai Hakkarainen (Professor, University of Helsinki)
  • Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen (Professor, University of Helsinki)
  • Tiina Korhonen (University Lecturer, Head of Innokas-network, University of Helsinki)
  • Joakim Laine (Doctoral student, University of Helsinki)
  • Aino Seitamaa (Technical assistant, University of Helsinki)
  • Elisa Rastas (Technical assistant, University of Helsinki)