AI – Wellbeing and Lifelong Learning

This research project focuses on the application of cutting-edge technology to the school context. Our central aim is to arrive at establishing an AI-backed digital solution to improve student well-being for better learning performance. Based on the holistic student well-being model (School Day Well-being Model 2.0), we will design an intelligent digital system that assesses, analyzes, and explicates student wellness and immediately feeds back insights to students and educators. It is therefore expected to provide unique opportunities for schools to empower leadership, improve pedagogical decision-making, and enhance student learning. The utility of this application will be inspected by global-level multidisciplinary research in Finland, the United States, and China. Multiple data sets obtained therefrom will be analyzed using various analytic methods to identify potential issues. Through this project, we set out to offer a technology-driven approach to effectively support student well-being and optimal learning.