Fifth week

This week some bad news but happy findings!

I read some news on my way to the campus again. I think this is really fun tradition to do, and I think I’m going to continue it in period two also. This week started with sad news. The former president Martti Ahtisaari died. He was 86 years old. Rest in peace! Yle was writing also about bad tap water in Jakobstad. It was interesting new about how usually clean tap/drinking water is more often unsafe and nowadays an increasing common problem. A heavy rains and strong runoffs are one reason why. This week was also again one environmental protest by Elokapina. The police did remove it because it was blocking the motorway, Länsiväylä. This time the protest was about the clean forest area in eastern Helsinki.

We got WiG support group for the second last time. We discussed about the last task and it was fun to see that everyone had different vision how they did the task. Everyone had the same start line which to continue, and everyone had done it differently. As I told I had a trouble with this one and there were still some typos but when I read it the storyline was good on my mind.

This week I did not watch movies, but I did watch something. I found out that in MTV there is English or more specific British version of the Task Master TV program. I have watched the Finnish version and now I found out that there is British also! Yej! I did watch a whole season 1 in a few days when I was doing my daily basis. Every episode last 45min and I watched first one with Finnish texts but when I got used to British accent, I took it off and watched the rest five without. I don’t know if you know the idea but shortly there is five contesters (British actors and comedians) who are doing insane tasks their own ways and the task master (Greg Davies) is going to judge it by points 5 to 1. If you haven’t watched, you should, so funny!

I wrote my blog as every week and realized that I have done enough already, but I will keep going because I still must report somehow what have I done. So next week when it is the last week of period one we can see is the total over or under my plan.

I also realized that I have over planed my reading. I am over a halfway in my book but not even close to my time goal. I am much faster reader than I first thought. Let’s see if I start another book or just do something else instead. I did total one hour reading this week too.

Due the previous, I started listening podcast to catch my time plan. I found out that in Spotify there is podcast called; “Geography Is Everything” and I heard the first episode, 1h. The podcast hosts Geoff Gibson and Professor Hunter Shobe are talking about The United States water problem in Southwest. The first episode was split into two sections and next week part 2. Weird that between the episode there were some advertisements in Finnish but okay.

Here is my timetable again:

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