Seventh week

New period has started and I have 54h to do in this period.

I read some news on my way to the campus. I did save this task because it felt good and I got a routine out of it. In this period I have lections on four days a week. I did read YLE English news about the same 10-15min per day. This week the news was about Israel and more specific Gaza’s situation. The armed conflict between Israel and terrorist organization Hamas has been running for a month now and there is still some Finns and a lot of civils who has been caught up in the war. Some other news talked about Finnish families and low incomes who are struggling even more for survival. And again Petteri Orpo’s government is going to do some cuts from them too. News about increasing coronavirus situation and Finland’s organic food producers’ bad positions.

I did a word list about my other course article. The article itself was easy to read but there were themed words be repeated often and I had no idea what they meant. I did a list for paper and translated it. After that it was much easier to read the text.

I did listen podcast again. I did listen one episode which was separated in two parts. It was an interesting topic; how does the football word cup affect the world. They were talking about the FIFA world cup and how it unites humankind. Football or soccer how they were calling it in USA and many other countries too, is very widespread game and played in every country I would guess. That big event has fans everywhere in the world who follow, buy fan products, even travels for the cup. It is very worthwhile for the housing country and participating countries locally at the time. it has raised women’s sports too and it has came more popular and followed.

Here is my timetable:

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