Eva Adán

Eva Adán is a Spanish Fine Artist based in Finland who is passionate about drawing, painting, philosophising, and spending time in nature. 

As a fine artist, Eva utilises a range of traditional techniques including, watercolours, gouache, graphite, and ink to create her pieces. In addition, Eva partakes in illustrations and designs that necessitate digital tools. At present, Eva is developing two parallel projects, ‘Eva Adan Arts’ and ‘Eva Adan designs’ whilst also sharing her years of experience with students as a teacher of drawing and painting.  

Recalling her rationale for joining Art Meets Science, Eva shares: “I have always been passionate about natural sciences, physics, chemistry, and philosophy. My mind is filled with multi-disciplinary curiosity always directed to the investigation of our own nature and consciousness. I graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid with a double specialty (Fine Arts, Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage in which I studied some scientific subjects), and also have a Master’s degree in Visual Art Education”.

Eva states that Art Meets Science was the perfect project to join as it coupled her artistic career with her longstanding love for neuroscience. She explains “I have always had a passion for neuroscience and everything to do with the brain and the mind. Therefore, it was an honour to visit the Voutilainen lab and see the neuroscience research they conduct. For years I have practiced meditation according to some Buddhist traditions and also under the guidance of the neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris. So, when I was given the choice of working with different research teams, I immediately chose the neuroscience team. During the visit to the laboratory, I was inspired by the research team itself, the instruments and methods they use, the mice, and the diseases they study. Throughout the creative process, my vision deepened, and I wanted to bring to life a piece full of colour, shapes, and light that would serve as a preventive self-therapy, transforming stress and emotions into something beautiful and in turn evoking the mysteries of the universe and human consciousness. 

Thinking ahead to the exhibition, Eva is hoping to “live the experience of participating in a collective exhibition and meeting the other participants in person. I also hope that we are able to engage with the general public and show that the sciences and the arts can and should be united in order to have a full understanding and a holistic vision of what it means to be a human”. 

You can read more about Eva’s other work on her website and Instagram.

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