Eva Ramsay

Dr Eva Ramsay is a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Heidi Kidron’s Transporter group at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Pharmacy.  

Eva’s research is funded by the Academy of Finland and focuses on the impact of drug transporters in ocular (eye) drug delivery and pharmacokinetics (the study of how long it takes from the point a drug is absorbed to it being excreted).  

Reflecting on her participation in Art Meets Science, Eva shares “colours have always inspired me, I get a lot of energy from walking in nature, attending art exhibitions or just wearing something colorful. Naturally therefore, I try to implement colours in my everyday life, whether that be in lab meeting presentations, poster presentations at conferences, or handicrafts with my children. Colours also help me learn new things!”.  

Prior to Art Meets Science, Eva attended an art course led by Marina Zitting (one of our participating artists). This sparked a passion for oil painting, one that had left Eva wondering how she could combine these two passions: science and art. Upon hearing about Art Meets Science, Eva remarks “I knew this was something I had to join!”.

Reflecting on her experience thus far, Eva shares “It has been wonderful! I have been involved in both the organisation of the event and our own groups collaboration with Tiina Poutanen. I have gained a lot of energy from the project and channeled it towards my own research activities. In addition, it has been great to meet new and exciting people!”. 

With respect to the upcoming exhibition, Eva is looking forward to the “energy, happiness, flashes of light, and bringing science to life with colours. I hope the pieces of art and their respective colours can help others to engage and learn something new and exciting about science!” 

You can learn more about the transporter group on their website.

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