Aleksandra (Sasha) Stepanova

Aleksandra (Sasha) Stepanova is a designer and professional dancer from Russia.  

With an educational background in biophysics, Sasha states that Art Meets Science played nicely to these two important aspects of her life. For her, “science is art and art is science”.  

Through her participation in Art Meets Science, Sasha hopes that individuals can see the true meaning and importance of both of these fields. Fields that she believes all parts of the world should be investing in.  

Sasha is utilising these two unique skills sets and collaborating with Prof. Timo Laaksonen and Dr Tatu Lajunen from the pharmaceutical nanotechnology group to create costumes inspired by the light-activated drug release research conducted within their group. 

You can learn more about Sasha and her designer label from her website and Instagram

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