Emrecan Tanış

Emrecan Tanış is a Turkish choreographer based in Finland and a dancer with the Finnish National Ballet.

One of his latest creations, ‘Rise’ premiered at the Hannover Staatstheater in an evening that comprised the legendary choreographers Hans van Manen and Marco Goecke. In addition, he has created several pieces for the Stuttgart Ballet, Finnish National Ballet, and Finnish National Ballet School.

As a physical artist, Emrecan provides a unique perspective on his participation in Art Meets Science: “As a choreographer, I strive for new challenges. The idea of depicting complex scientific research through the abstract movement of dancers is one that greatly excited me.”. 

Reflecting on his collaboration thus far, Emrecan remarks “it has been great! Our collaboration is unique in that I am working with another artist, Sasha Stepanova who is designing pieces for the dancers in my piece, as well as two scientists from the University of Helsinki’s Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology group – Prof. Timo Laaksonen and Dr Tatu Lajunen”. 

Emrecan continues “our performance will be presented during the opening evening of Art Meets Science so I am very excited to see how a diverse audience interprets the piece and takes away a unique element from the experience. I am also looking forward to meeting the other members of my collaboration in person”.

You can learn more about Emrecan and his work from his website and Instagram.

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