Virpi Talman

Dr Virpi Talman is head of the Regenerative Cardiac Pharmacology group and a key player in the organisation of Art Meets Science:

Virpi describes herself as a “pharmacist by training and a researcher by spirit.”

As an Academy of Finland-funded Research Fellow in the division of Pharmacology and pharmacotherapy within the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Pharmacy, Virpi leads the Regenerative Cardiac Pharmacology group who aim to discover new ways to treat heart diseases. In addition to her research activities, Virpi is also responsible for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in addition to supervising young researchers. 

Alongside Dr Qasim Majid, Virpi initiated Art Meets Science and has been a central light in the organisation of this event. This stemmed from a desire to promote discourse between science and the arts, both of which Virpi is highly passionate about, as well as wanting to find a way to discuss her research with the public in a way she hadn’t previously been involved in.

Reflecting on the project thus far, Virpi shares “organising the event has been a lot of work, but it has also been super inspiring! I loved meeting the artists with whom we collaborated, and I’ve been really encouraged by the positive feedback we have received”.

Looking ahead to the exhibition, Virpi shares her excitement for seeing the event come together and understanding how the artists have drawn inspiration from the research and channeled this into the pieces of art on display. Virpi continues and says “I am also looking forward to enjoying all the amazing art produced in the project and discussing our research with the public at the exhibition”.

Virpi has been collaborating with Kirsi Syrlin and Gokhan Burhan.

You can read more about the research conducted within the Regenerative Cardiac Pharmacology group on their website and via Virpi’s Twitter.

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