Acting Prof of Chinese Studies Mikael Mattlin

 Julie Chen will be on leave until May 2019. Let us welcome the acting Professor of Chinese Studies Mikael Mattlin to University of Helsinki who will start his term from May 2018 on.  Here is Prof. Mattlin’s short bio.

Mikael Mattlin, acting Professor of Chinese Studies and acting Director of the Confucius Institute at the Department of Cultures, University of Helsinki. He also holds Collegium Researcher and Lecturer positions (on leave of absence) at the University of Turku, and non-resident research fellowships at the China Policy Institute, University of Nottingham, and at Tübingen University. Dr Mattlin has formerly worked also at the The Finnish Institute of International Affairs and the Bank of Finland (BOFIT). He is Docent of Political Science, especially East Asian Politics (University of Turku) and long-term Ombudsman for the Foundation for Foreign Policy Research (Ulkopolitiikan tutkimuksen säätiö). His most recent book Politicized Society: Taiwan’s Struggle with its One-Party Past was published in April 2018 by NIAS Press (Copenhagen University).