Summer Course on Chinese Poetry

This summer course is primarily for students with intermediate-level of Chinese skills to learn about basics of classical and modern Chinese poetry and to experience poetry recitation. Maximum 40 students will be admitted to this course. Priorities will be given to

-Students with intermediate-level Chinese ability in KUKA programme at the University of Helsinki

–Students with intermediate-level Chinese ability at Department of Languages at the University of Helsinki

-Students with intermediate-level Chinese ability in Confucius Institute/Language Center at the University of Helsinki

-High school students and above with intermediate-level Chinese ability in Finland

This course will begin with introductory lessons on classical and modern Chinese poetry. Topics to be covered include main features of the poetry, major poets and poems, and historical contexts of their creation. Students will get to practice recitation of the poems with Chinese language teachers several times. In the end of the course, students will be evaluated by recitation of poems and writing of a learning journal.

Meeting time

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in May 2021.


Zoom (links to be announced later)

Learning materials, such as powerpoint slides will be placed on moodle.




Julie Yu-Wen CHEN, Professor, University of Helsinki

LI Maosen, Professor, University of Helsinki & Renmin University of China

Tero Tähtinen, PhD Candidate, Tampere University

ZHAO Xiufen, Lecturer, University of Helsinki

CHENG Xue, Lecturer, University of Helsinki

HOU Donghai, Lecturer, University of Helsinki

LING Min, Lecturer, University of Helsinki

Coordinator: Mariliina Räsänen


University of Helsinki students register in weboodi
Non-students register via e-form: