CHINED IV is now over.

The organizers of CHINED IV would like to extend their warm thanks to all those who made this conference possible: our sponsors – TSV (the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies), the University of Helsinki, and John Benjamins publishers – and particularly all our plenarists and speakers. Sam would also like to thank his luck that the weather was sunny and warm!

Thanks again to all, and see you next June in Porto at CHINED V!

Plenaries open to all

We have opened the CHINED IV plenaries to the public – everyone is free to attend these presentations:

Thursday 5 June, 16.45-17.45

Birte Bös (University of Duisburg-Essen):   Of hopes and struggles – newsmakers’ metadiscourse at the dawn of the newspaper age

Friday 6 June, 15.45-16.45

Martin Conboy (University of Sheffield):   British popular newspaper traditions: From the 19th century to the first tabloid

Saturday 14.30-15.30

Roberta Facchinetti (University of Verona):   The birth and development of multimodality in news reporting