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The first Conference on Historical News Discourse (CHINED I) was held in Florence on 2-3 September 2004. The broad aim of this first conference, as with successive conferences, was to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of recent research in the field of news discourse written in English. News discourse was considered inclusive of not just the hard news of daily newspapers but also other forms of news language in genres preceding or existing alongside the creation and development of the traditional press. We therefore understand news texts to include not just serial publications, such as newspapers and  scholarly transactions, and non-serial publications, such as  pamphlets, but also manuscript transmission of news.

The aim of our CHINED News website is to provide information to fellow researchers working in the language of historical news. We hope that news and information relating to present and past work and events in historical news discourse will  encourage further study in our research area.

For more on the history of CHINED, including information on previous conferences, a list of publications relating to historical news and news discourse, and links to useful websites, please visit the CHINED news website.

Suomalaiset Tieto-Sanomat 1775

“Suomalaiset Tieto-Sanomat”, later “Suomenkieliset Tieto-Sanomat” (‘Finnish news’, or ‘news in Finnish’), was the first Finnish-language newspaper, published 1775-1776


Image permissions

Most of the images of Finnish historical newspapers are from the brilliant Historical Newspaper Library, part of the Digital Collections of the Finnish National Library (the digitised newspapers come from the collections of the Finnish National Library). Some additional images of Finnish historical newspapers are from Wikimedia Commons; all other images are from Wikimedia Commons. The Helsinki Senate Square panorama in the header is by Matti Mattila.


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    My apologies for being sloppy and not giving due credit. I’ve now added a link on this page. Unfortunately, there appears to be no way of adding an attribution and a direct link from the image in the header.


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