Climate Change Teaching in Greenland

Welcome to the Climate Change Teaching in Greenland blog!

This site serves as the forum for the Nordplus Horizontal project, whose aim is to enhance the skills of the people in Greenland. This involves strengthening learning networks leading to development of local competences in information and communication technology, especially e-learning; strengthening the Arctic youth’s interest in higher education through deepening of their basic education and strengthening the Arctic youth’s understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by globalisation and climate change. Within the project we organize teachers’ workshops including local high school teachers and researchers from Greenland Climate Research Centre and Nordic Universities, and a row of courses for high school students from Greenland. Since a major goal of the project is to strengthen the level of education of the Arctic youth we will obtain an overview of number of young people in Greenland enrolled at universities in Nordic countries, before and after the project. The project started in 2014, and it will end in 2017.