3 June

The Dead Wood Meeting 2015 took place in Lammi and the verbal and e-mailed feedback to ogranizers is very positive. PDFs of the talks and posters are and will be coming to the program page, and gallery is coming soon.

10 May

The DWM 2015 registration is now closed. We will be 55 participants from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland. All registered participants will be contacted with confirmations and info. Do follow these webpages for updates.

9 May

Registration closes tomorrow, on 10 May 2015 at 23:59 GMT+2

5 May

Final reminder sent, the registration will be closed on 10 May. Abstracts and Participants pages coming soon.

29 April

We are working on the costs and arrival pages for the website.

28 April

The registration process is in full swing. Aleksander Ryss, from the Zoological Institute, Russia, confirms his invited lecture on saproxylic nematodes, an exiting and rare dead wood topic. With luck, we might have some live demos!

10 April 2015

The registration is now open, please do fill the form
even if your expressed your interest in attending earlier.
The registration period ends on 10 May 2015.

Many thanks to Anna Norberg for the great help with registration forms!

7 April 2015

Panu Halme (University of Jyväskylä) confirms his invited lecture entitled
All Star Dead Wood Circus – Home of 100 Wonders – But for how long?

3 April 2015

Sylvie Barbalat, WWF Switzerland, and Otso Ovaskainen, Metapopulation Research Centre confirm their invited lectures.

On 24 and 27 May we will have a 73 seater bus driving participants from Helsinki Kaisaniemenranta via Helsinki-Vanttaa airport to / from Lammi Biological station.

The DWM 2015 Organizing Committee is working on the registration form, to be open shortly.

31 March 2015

Jan Stenlid (SLU, Sweden) confirms his invited lecture entitled Fast, Furious or FussyBiological and Physical Factors Influencing the Fungal Colonization of Dead Wood, the lecture will open our Fungal Day, 25 May. After relaxing sauna the night before, sweet night dreams breathing the reviving air of Häme, and the famous Lammi breakfast, you will jump straight into the fungal colonization matters. Do not miss the experience!

28 March 2015

50 people from 10 countries (Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Poland, Latvia, France) expressed interest to attend the DWM 2015. Join us, fill the form, and welcome to Lammi in May!

27 March 2015

Breaking news: Tuomo Niemelä confirms his participation in the DWM 2015! Don’t miss your chance to learn from the master in an informal atmosphere.

24 March 2015

The interest to DWM2015 is growing and future attendees share their excitement with us graphically :). There are 46 people who expressed interest, so about half of Lammi Station capacity is reached before we open the registration. If you have not yet did so, express your interest to stay tuned

DWMJiSee you in two months!

Saproxylically yours,

DWM 2015 Organizing Committee



21 March 2015

Hi there,

The Organizing Committee of the Dead Wood Meeting 2015 proudly present these blog pages, aiming to keep you up to date with our progress and to post various random happy news about the meeting preps.

Anu, Anna, Maria and Dmitry


4 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Dear Organizers!

    I have already sent my abstract for presentation about methods of rearing adult flies from deadwood-dwelling larvae.
    In addition, I could demonstrate how to set up emergence trap on dead wood in situ, e.g. in the herb-rich forest near Lammi station, where I happened to use such traps some years ago.

    Another addition: our working team at Finnish Environment Institute just prepared a book about nature values of Zaonezhye Peninsula, or Lindholm, T., Jakovlev, J. & Kravchenko, A. (eds.). 2014. Biogeography, landscapes,ecosystems and species of Zaonezhye Peninsula, in Onega Lake, Russian Karelia. Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 2014/40. Helsinki. 360 p. The main value, from the point of view of the editors, is a plenty of coarse woody debris in unmanaged forests there, so the book contains ecological notes and lists of species of epiphytic mosses, lichens, wood-growing fungi and insects, mostly associated with wood. I could briefly present this book and release some very fresh (hopefully 15 May will be printed) printed copies for free.

  2. That’s great, thanks. The trap will need to be set on Sunday. A few copies of the book will be welcome, as well as the link to the online PDF version.

    • Dear Dmitry! Nice to hear that! Well, in any case, I am going to come to Lammi on Sunday morning, So, I’ll be in time to choose the best rotten log(s) for the trap, or two. Хоть что-то показать… The book will be printed 15 May (they promissed), and the link will be given simultaneously.
      See you at Lammi.

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