Undergraduate and PhD students from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland will have their accommodation and meals prepaid, and Nordic student are also entitled to the travel support for up to 200€ (co-funded by NEFOM). To have your travel costs reimbursed you have to keep all the receipts, tickets and boarding passes from the trip. We will also cover travel, accommodation and meals costs for the invited speakers.

We welcome and encourage all other participants, but due to the funding rules we won’t be able to support their participation financially. Participants from Russia will be contacted by the DWM 2015 team separately.

There will be no registration fee. We will arrange the bus transportation on 24 and 27 of May from / to Helsinki, plus excursion, saunas and the meeting dinner. These costs are on us for all participants.

Accommodation and meals will need to be paid on 25-27 May, but contact the DWM 2015 organizers to find out if any of your local costs are prepaid. Cash, Finnish bank cards, and international credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Tentative prices, incl VAT:

  • accommodation, double room:  31 €/person/night
  • accommodation, single: 46-56 €/person/night
  • meals: 29 €/person/day

DWM 2015 does not accept liability for individual medical, travel or personal insurance, and participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal insurance policies in their country of origin.


To undergraduate and PhD students from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland, and to invited speakers:

In principle, we follow pay & claim schema. Personnel of the University of Helsinki is encouraged to make a SAP travel plan / report, using wbs 4720647 / H5733.

You can only claim the travel costs after the meeting is finished.
Because of the very close reporting deadline you have to claim the costs by 31 May 2015.

1. Download and fill the yellow sections of the Helsinki university travel bill.
2. Remove the yellow highlight and print.
3. Sign the form.
4. Scan the signed form and all the tickets & bills to PDF.
5. E-mail the scan to Jenni Hämälainen with “DWM 2015 travel costs: FIRSTNAME LASTNAME” in the subject field to: jenni.hamalainen / et /
6. Send the signed paper form with original paper bills to:

Jenni Hamäläinen
Metapopulation Research Centre
Department of Biosciences
PO Box 65 (Viikinkaari 1)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki