DWM 2015 Organizing Committee:

Dmitry Schigel
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turistoDmitry Schigel, PhD, is working as Programme Officer for Content Analysis for Global Biodiversity Information Facility and is based Copenhagen, Denmark. Dmitry is docent of mycology in the University of Helsinki, and he maintains close connection with the Metapopulation Research Centre and with LUOMUS – Finnish Museum of Natural History through research projects and student supervision. Dmitry is interested in biodiversity informatics, dead wood (see Dead Wood Movie trailer), species interactions, entomology and mycology, and also in molecular ecology and metagenomics, molecular identification and systematics, host selection and adaptations of fungivorous Coleoptera, wood-decaying fungi, databases, nature conservation, boreal and montane ecosystems, and successions. Funded by SIU, Dmitry runs the Nordic-Russian Boreal Forest Biodiversity Education Network with four events: Biodiversity in Dead Wood lecture course, Helsinki 2013; Preparing samples for fungal community sequencing, lab course Uppsala 2014; Forest biodiversity and ecosystems in Finland & Russia, field course Tver’ 2014; the Dead Wood Meeting, Lammi 2015.

Anna Norberg
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Anna å Polyporus 159Anna Norberg, MSc, is a doctoral student working in the Mathematical Biology Group, Metapopulation Research Centre, in the University of Helsinki. Her PhD thesis aims to better understanding of the community assembly of dead wood inhabiting fungal communities, with the help of a newly emerging statistical modelling framework. Anna is interested in forest ecology in general – especially species dependent on dead wood of course – and conservation issues, and increasingly also in utilising statistical tools for understanding ecological processes.

Maria Faticov
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MariaBio159Maria Faticov, BSc, is currently finishing Master Program at the University of Helsinki, Department of Biosciences. Maria’s major interests lie in the forest protection, dead wood, species interactions, mycology, in molecular ecology as well as molecular identification. Having a background in nature conservation, now mainly focused on biology: saproxylic species and insect-fungal interactions.

Anu Hakkarainen
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Anu Hakkarainen is a BSc student at the University of Helsinki, Department of Biosciences. She is especially interested in fungi and fungal ecology, and is currently studying fruiting phenology for her BSc thesis. She has also started working with her MSc thesis on environmental and nutritional factors affecting the insect-fungi symbiosis of African termites and termite fungi.