Beginning of the meetings

Nina Miettinen

It would bepicture_1_devegeo nice to know who else studies development in this department…”

My friends keep asking me what I will do as a job. Well how do I know?”

I am worried about the current situation, I wonder will I even get a job.”

Does someone probably have similar interest as I do?”

These are some of the reasons that people mentioned for attending the course Studying Development Geography. This is exactly why it is time to start the blog of the development geographers (picture 1). It is about the time we strengthen our cooperation, as we don’t really know much about each other. We are actually surprisingly many in the campus but tend to get lost – we are quickly moving geographers after all.

The course will provide us a working space for the questions in our minds. The rest will depend on ourselves. Now it is the time for sharing thoughts and ideas, no matter how crazy they are! The first meeting was just a little dive to the world of development geography. During the rest of the meetings we have the chance to meet also some people who have already graduated from our department. Hopefully their stories will inspire us and give us motivation. Moreover, we will familiarize with different journals of development geography (can you believe that there is actually plenty of them), and discuss about the current topics of our field.


Sounds like a good plan, right? In the comments of this post, you can see who we are! There are various backgrounds and various interests but also a lot of things that we have in common! If you would like to, please introduce yourself even if you are not participating in the course. We would also like to invite everyone to join the meetings even though you are not participating in the course. Especially the meeting on November 25th about careers might interest many.

So here we go. Picture 2 shows what to do!

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