Final summer of the ATM-MP Digital leap

Last year the Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences started producing online materials in English for some of the lecture courses that are currently taught in Finnish in the Bachelor’s Programme of Physical Sciences and are prerequisities to some of the study lines in the Master’s Programme. The focus is on Basics of Meteorology, Climatology and Oceanography courses. During this summer the aim is to finish and release the courses. We have two new summer workers whose job is to complete the Digital Leap project.

The newbies of this project are introducing themselves below:

“Hi! My name is Janina and I’m a fourth-year meteorology student. Next year will be my last year studying and I’m pretty excited about that. Although the master thesis is a bit intimidating. I’ll be continuing with the course ‘Basics of Climatology’ and I have to say that the summer workers last year have done some great work. It was quite easy to continue and it’s great to see how the course really comes together.

I started two weeks ago, and I’ve already edited a lot of text and pictures. I have basically inserted all the material I have into the base of the course and then tried to make it as easy to read as possible. I never thought that my background in art schools would benefit me in the work life among meteorology, but now, when I’m drawing new pictures and making the course page look nice and clear, it really pays off to have some artistic eye.

For now, I have a good feeling about this summer, and I am quite confident that this is finally the year that this course comes together for the future students of meteorology to discover and learn.”

“Hi! I’m Mila, a second-year physics student with an intention to continue to the Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences after completing my bachelor’s degree. I’m fascinated by both the atmosphere and the hydrosphere, and therefore I’m very excited to be working on the course material of the courses Basics of Meteorology and Basics of Oceanography this summer.

I’m continuing the work where last year’s summer workers left off, and I can’t help but admire the work they have done. The first week went by quickly going through and supplementing the existing course material. I’ve only just started, but I’ve already learnt how much work is put on creating an online course. I’m honoured to be part of this team, and I’ll do my best to complete the course pages so that the future students will be keen on learning more about the Earth system.”

Master’s Programme in Atmospheric Sciences Digital Leap summer students 2020 Janina and Mila 


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