Digital Geography Lab presented the latest research at Mobile Tartu 2022

It was our honour and pleasure to attend the 8th Mobile Tartu conference organized by the Mobility Lab of the University of Tartu, Estonia. The event was once again scientifically fruitful and socially rewarding exactly the way how the founder of the conference, the late professor Rein Ahas had envisioned it!

The members of the Digital Geography Lab were well represented in organising PhD workshops, presenting latest research from various projects, chairing sessions and moderating a panel discussion.


Olle Järv and Oleksandr Karasov organized a PhD workshop on “Social media sources as a tool to monitor cross-border mobility”, and Christoph Fink and Tuuli Toivonen together with our former group member Age Poom organized a PhD workshop on “Data and tools for environmental exposure assessment during urban mobility”.

Olle Järv gave a presentation titled “Capturing temporal dynamics of cross-border mobility flows: Insights from Luxembourg using social media data” which is a joint study with Håvard Wallin Aagesen, Tuomas Väisänen and Samuli Massinen (see the article here).


Elias Willberg gave a presentation titled “Enriching and scaling measures on sustainable travel environments with novel data and tools” which is a joint study with Christoph Fink, Tuuli Toivonen and Age Poom.


Kerli Müürisepp gave a presentation titled “Two tales of segregation from mobile phone data during COVID-19: Why activity space approach matters?” which is a joint study with Olle Järv and the colleagues from Uppsala University – Feliks Sjöblom, Marina Toger and John Östh.


Oleksandr Karasov gave a presentation titled “Revealing activity locations of people to contextualize cross-border mobility from big data: Combining social media and remote sensing” which is a joint study with Håvard Wallin Aagesen, Olle Järv and Tuomo Hiippala.


Janika Raun gave a presentation titled “Understanding second home mobility from electricity consumption data” which is a joint study with Olle Järv, Tuuli Toivonen and the colleagues from the Ruralia Institute – Manu Rantanen, Torsti Hyyryläinen and Toni Ryynänen.


Christoph Fink gave a presentation titled “Accessibility modelling beyond the average person: an age-aware travel time matrix” which is a joint work with Elias Willberg and Tuuli Toivonen.


Our former lab member Age Poom gave a presentation titled “Spatial disparities in environmental exposure during walking: a comparison of mobility- and residential-based approach using mobile phone data” which is a joint study with Elias Willberg, Tuuli Toivonen and Joose Helle.


Tuuli Toivonen moderated a panel discussion on “mobile data and methods” with discussants Prof. John Östh (Oslo Metropolitan University), Prof. Kimmo Kaski (Aalto University), Assoc. Prof. Siiri Silm (University of Tartu) and Kaja Sõstra (Statistics Estonia).


Read the conference reflections from the organizers here, and watch all the inspiring keynote and panel discussions on Youtube.

All in all, we are already looking forward to Mobile Tartu 2024!


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The Digital Geography Lab is an interdisciplinary research team focusing on spatial Big Data analytics for fair and sustainable societies at the University of Helsinki.