Sample plots ready for FIRE

In the second half of June in year 2017 a prescribed burning experiment is planned to take place close to Hyytiälä, Finland. The area is located close to Murojärvi (about 17 km from Hyytiälä, SMEAR-I station) and the size of burned area will be 5.9 ha.

At the end of May we were establishing sample plots inside the planned burning area – marking down the sample plots, relocating the biomass, taking the soil and greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4 and N2O) samples.

The sample plots are divided into different biomass treatment plots (with four replicates in each) to mimic the fire with different intensity. The treatments in experiment consist of: control treatment with no fire (T1); all wooden biomass removed from the area (T2) to mimic low severity surface fire; wooden biomass (mostly branches) left to the area after clear cut (T3) to mimic low severity, non-stand replacing fire; extra biomass (branches, tree trunks, etc.) added to the sample plot (T4) to mimic high severity stand replacing fires.

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