Welcome to the ECGS Project Course 2019

Students from the University of Helsinki’s Environmental Change and Global Sustainability (ECGS) Master’s program know that ensuring a healthy and productive planet for tomorrow means addressing sustainability issues today!

On Monday March 11, they, along with their instructors, gathered in Viikki to kick off a hands-on project course, allowing them to do just that. The course offers students the opportunity to throw their ideas into the ring and develop solutions to pressing sustainability challenges in Southern Finland and the Baltic Sea. Throughout the course, workshops will guide students as they grapple with these complex issues, but it is their own expertise and innovation that will propel them toward the finish line!

Before the beginning the race in earnest, Monday was spent breaking the ice, getting acquainted, and learning about the structure of the course. Instructors prepared the students for the days ahead, discussing project management tips, intellectual property rights, and expectations. Afterwards, during the “find your flock” game, students met and mingled with their new teammates and discussed the plethora of skills and backgrounds they bring to the table.

Next up, the big reveal! The sustainability challenges, submitted by the course’s seven external partners, will be revealed on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Taneli Lahtinen on Unsplash

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