A day with the Seahawks

This Wednesday was the day, when we were meant to present further developed solutions. The first real thought we had, was how farmers can enhance carbon sequestration into soil in ways that are the best in increasing the concentration of soil organic matter. We focused on the water retention of soil. Our marvellous idea was, if soil can hold water, it can hold phosphorus as well. Other words, leaching would be a smaller problem than it is now.

Last Monday was a project day among others until we saw that our search for solutions to our problem was simply unneeded. The knowledge how to stuff carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into soil already exist. The true barrier in enhancing carbon sequestration into soil is farmers themselves, not the gaps in the knowledge of carbon farming. We noticed that the question should settle down how to get the farmers and the rest of the lot partake in carbon farming. How can we convert them to accepting the carbon farming as the norm of farming?

Thank you, Laura Kaikkonen, for opening our eyes and made us realise that we should focus more on a problem where there’s no already existing answers. To be honest, I was pleased that we didn’t have to find answers to this first question. It was challenging because most of the group members had no experience or education from the agricultural studies. The problem started to change into dilemma. So, we focused our minds on a totally different challenge in carbon farming.

We discussed our new problem with our partner Laura Höijer. Laura approved of the new problem and provided us with new information. In the meeting, we shared our ideas that came out last time. We were glad to hear that the partner said our ideas and information are helpful for them. Although the time we have with the new problem is distressingly short. We still try to find some ways to find solutions for Baltic Sea Action Group.


The groups met their partners at the lecture. The groups provided their ideas of the main problem to the partner and discussed the solutions with cinnamon buns and coffee for around one hour.

After meeting Laura Höijer, we started discussing with our group mentor Nina Janasik how to proceed with the new problem. She gave us a lot think about how we should approach the snag and what are the aspects of it we should discuss in.

After the meeting with the partner, we discussed and summarized the meeting today in group for another one hour, and then planed the next step.

We decided our new goals are how to Carbon farming more appealing to farmers and finding possible partners for networking with BSAG. We keep fighting on the problem!

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