The Corona situation has changed significantly in the last few days. The Uusimaa area has been set up for isolation, there has been talk of closing down the Alko, and visiting at the restaurants will be banned temporarily. Indeed, we are going through dramatic times and the near future does not look very bright.

However, today we talked together via ZOOM with all the classmates. The situation was updated as each group had gathered information or interviewed experts. Here are some examples of group progress. The Salty liquid group had focused its resources on researching the Finnish food supply chain and what impact Corona pandemic had on it. The good news is that Finland should have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, the development of the United States was considered as a bad example. A burning topic that will surely become more visible to us all as the pandemic proceeds.

Pathfinders are reporting their research on the effects of forest tramping and how they could be rescued by drones. Unfortunately, drone monitoring in the forest has been found to be difficult and for example, making an application to avoid forest damage is a feasible option. They also received valuable information on the National Parks of the United Kingdom. Grey seals also gained valuable insights from expert interviews and literature research. The sounds of leisure boating clearly disturb marine organisms, but boaters themself are not always aware of the problem. It brings contradicting emotions to the surface that will surely be resolved in the future.

Last but not least is, of course, the Four of a kind. Our group consists of Valtteri, Arttu, Janina and Juho. Our own project is focused on updating the WWF’s Meat Guide. The task is to update the meat guide to meet current requirements. After the first meeting with our partner we are very confident because we got a lot of good positive feedback. The Meat Guide’s interactive site is good when compared to other guides, but the main problem is probably reaching the general public.

It is important to move enough and enjoy the company of your loved ones in these dark times. You can go and even enjoy the beautiful Finnish nature by the lake, so all the bad news about Corona will be forgotten.

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