Conference presentations

The conference presentations, that we are given permission to publish, are going to be available on this page.

The name of the presentation will appear as a link below when the presentation is available as a pdf. The presentations will be uploaded when we receive them.

Monday 13.5.2013

Opening session: Keynote speaker: Vice-Rector, Professor Jukka Kola, University of Helsinki, “First year students – the most important thing”.

– Workshop 1 (Guidance and counseling):
Strength Based Coaching: Experiencing proven methods for strength based coaching.Herman Van de Mosselaer, Ine Janssens, Elke Denoo/AP Hogeschool University College.
– Workshop 2 (Students for students):
Enhancing connected peer support outside the classroom. Kerry Bellamy, Chris Wright/University of Wales Newport.
– Workshop 3 (Leadership and management):
A systematic approach to students’ success. Harald Åge Sæthre/University of Bergen.
– Workshop 4 (Guidance and counseling):
Connecting the dots – possible paths from first year to first job. Johanna Ollila, Atte Vieno/ Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku.
– Workshop 5 (Student participation in the community):
Supporting student engagement through teaching.  Laura Heinonen, Aino-Kaisa Mannila, Suvi Eriksson/ National Union of University Students in Finland.
– Round table 6 (Guidance and counseling):
Integration through group counseling: students as members of the academic community. Simo Mikkonen/University of Jyväskylä.

Keynote speaker: Professor Sari Lindblom-Ylänne, University of Helsinki, “Factors enhancing and impeding engagement of first-year students”.

Tuesday 14.5.2013

– Show and tell 7 (Curriculum and course development):
Our First Year, Their First Year. Lorraine Gearing, John Dishman/Coventry University College.
* Developing exam practices to support professional development during higher education. Liisa Myyry, Taina Joutsenvirta/University of Helsinki.
Developing graduate attributes: The first steps towards work-readiness. Andrea Reid /Queensland University of Technology
* Development of career management skills in higher education. Arto Saloranta, Helena Kasurinen /Laurea UAS.
* New Introduction Studies for First Year Students. Erja Sipilä, Katja Laine, Jaana Hännikäinen/TUT.
– Show and tell 8 (Students for students):
* Peer mentors  experiences of mentoring programs in Finnish higher education. Terhi Skaniakos, Leena Penttinen, Marjatta Lairio/University of Jyväskylä.
* Creating systematic guidelines for student engagement at the School of Science. Elina Lehkonen, Jukka Parviainen/Aalto University School of Science. Poster as pdf.
Student tutor -a tour guide to the university world. Eeva Miettinen/University of Helsinki. Poster as pdf.
* Recommendations for good tutoring. Pirre Seppänen/The Student Union of the University of Helsinki.
– Show and tell 9 (Best practices):
* Building skills for the 21st century: How to get students involved in the learning process. Maria Guimaraes Ustimenko/Institutue of Accounting and Administration of Porto (ISCAP/IPP).
* Let’s do it together… Marielle Diederen, Laetitia Gardeniers/Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.
Welcoming the first year chemistry students: Alkukeitos-course. Tiina Kiviniemi/University of Jyväskylä.
* Language Centre approach – smooth start to language studies. Tiina Laulajainen, Sinikka Karjalainen/University of Helsinki Language Centre. Poster as pdf.
– Show and tell 10 (Supporting student learning):
Commonplace: a sustainable student community. Siobhan Clay/University of the Arts London.
* Measuring and monitoring study progress: A first step towards structural and evidence based student guidance. Annick Eelbode/Ghent University.
* 4students as a cross-media information hub. Victoria Reszler, Elisabeth Krauss/University of Graz/4students. Poster as pdf.
* Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence: how can universities best prepare themselves. Karla H. Benske/Glasgow Caledonian University.
– Workshop 11 Guidance and counseling):
Pedal to the Metal; starting a study AND enjoying it! Nova Ambachtsheer- van Schijndel, Katrien Bruinsma/NHTV.
– Round table 12 (Best practices):
Exploring self-reflection tools: LeMo (Learning and Motivation test) at the start.Annick Hayen/Hasselt University.

– Inspirational session 13 (Supporting student learning):
* The student engagement in examination. Vesa Korhonen/University of Tampere, Mikko Inkinen/University of Helsinki, Auli Toom/University of Helsinki.
Importance of engagement during first-year studies. Ketonen, E., Haarala-Muhonen, A., Hirsto, L., Wähälä, K., Keltikangas, K., Hänninen, J., Lonka, K./University of Helsinki.
– Inspirational session 14 (Students for students):
Facebook as E-leaning Platform? A higher education student perspective. Wies Allemeersch, Sofie Hiels, Anne-Sophie Seghers, Herman Van de Mosselaer/
Plantijn University College.
The role of Peer Mentoring in the transition of international students to university. Baljit Gill/Aston University
– Inspirational session 15 (Retention):
Using research on diversity and inclusion to work on change in the first year. Chris Mestdagh/Howest University College.
* ‘Ok, now I’m at Uni, is it for me?’ Examining first year sports students’ expectations of and motivations for Higher Education study pre- and post-higher student fees. Mark Groves, Christopher Sellars, Alison Barber, Julian Smith/University of Wolverhampton.
– Inspirational session 16 (Guidance and counseling):
Calculating Careers- helping first years develop interview skills. Dr Louise Walker/University of Manchester.
Nurturing Talent – Mentoring that Makes a Difference. Joanne Y Ye, Hamieda Begum/University of Leeds.
– Inspirational session 17 (Supporting student learning):
How to get a good start – developing the first substantive course of legal studies. Anne Haarala-Muhonen, Sakari Melander/University of Helsinki.
Developing a sense of belonging: what is it that helps students feel that they ‘fit in’ on their course? Ed Foster, Sarah Lawther/Nottingham Trent University.
– Round table 18 (Supporting student learning):
‘My, My, My…, What?, How…?’ Peer Support: Is it a good thing? Who cares? William Carey/University of Manchester.

Keynote speaker: Director André van Zyl, University of Johannesburg
“The FYE at the University of Johannesburg: Moving from access only towards true epistemological access and success.”

Wednesday 15.5.2013

– Inspirational session 19 (Ways and tools of communication):
* Utilising Turning Point to Capture the Student Voice. Janet Ellis, Joanne Forsyth, Ona Sumner, Joanne Timpson/ School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester.
Implementing new strategies for study introduction and First Year experience. Lars Grassmé Binderup, Birgitta Wallstedt/University of Southern Denmark.
– Inspirational session 20 (Best practices):
* Practices of personal study plans and self-regulated learning. Laura Hirsto/University of Helsinki.
What Makes the Best First Year Experience? Rebecca Roper, Michael Carr, Tara Cusack, Mary Gilmartin, Yseult Freeney/ IADT, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin Ireland.
– Inspirational session 21 (Supporting student learning):
* Student engagement and identity. Vesa Korhonen, Mira Valkonen/University of Tampere.
* Students’ daily activities and contextual affects. Hanni Muukkonen, Mikko Inkinen, Kai Hakkarainen, Katariina Salmela-Aro, Kirsti Lonka/University of Helsinki.
– Inspirational session 22 (Curriculum and course development):
* Embedding learning development: staff reflections. Jane Mullen, Frances Marsden/University of Huddersfield.
* Academic literacy and math skills predict academic achievement of first year.  Carolien Van Soom, Lieve De Wachter/University of Leuven.
– Inspirational session 23 (Retention):
Evaluation of the complete learning environment of the second semester. Kristine Lysnes, Harald Aage Saethre, Anders Huseboe/University of Bergen.
* Computer science students  retention and experiences of the first study year. Päivi Kinnunen, Erkki Pesonen, Maija Marttila-Kontio/Aalto University.

Keynote speaker: Dr Diane Nutt, Teesside University
“First Year Experience: Past, Present and Future”