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EP_MontrealECPR2015Emilia Palonen

I’m a UK-trained political scientist, active scholar with an activist background – I am still active in my neighbourghood in Maunula, Helsinki, developing a model of participatory planning and local democracy. Since 2013, I’m also a mother. I believe in transparency in research and society.

Current research in the Academy of Finland funded  consortium Mainstreaming Populism (2017–2021).

Complimenting my specialism in Hungary over the last ten years I’ve engaged with Finland. Newest publications: on the Finns Party and populist rhetoric (launches a method of rhetorical-performative discourse analysis). Contributor on EJPR Political Data Yearbook, Finland.

BA (London), MA and PhD (Essex),

Senior Lecturer / Yliopistonlehtori (ma.)
Department of Political and Economic Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Helsinki

Current research interests:
My research ranges from cities to nation, rhetoric and discourse theory to time and space.
Populism, political identities, politics of memory and nationalism, urban cultural policy, local and radical democracy, poststructuralist/postfoundationalist discourse theory, interpretive research and pedagogical methods, Hungary, Europe.
Tutkimusintressit: Populismi, poliittiset identiteetit, muistamisen politiikka ja nationalismi, urbaani kulttuuripolitiikka, radikaali ja paikallinen demokratia, jälkistrukturalistinen/postfoundationalistinen diskurssiteoria, tulkinnalliset tutkimus- ja opetusmetodit, Unkari, EurooppaMaunula-talo: mukana toimintatutkijana ja alueen asukkaana Maunulan demokratiahankkeen asukasedustajana ja työpajojen pääjärjestäjänä. Ks. prosessi ja Maunula-talon osallistuvan suunnittelun ja yhteishallinnanmallit.
Member of two Academy of Finland funded projects (2012-2016): 
Asymmetries in European Intellectual Space at the Department of Political and Economic Studies and Populism as Movement and Rhetoric at the Research Centre for Contemporary Culture, University of Jyväskylä.
Current courses: 
I have been teaching Public Policy, Interpretive Policy Analysis, Urban (Cultural) Policy, but my longest running course is Ideology and Discourse Analysis as a Method. I like to teach diverse groups of students, and I take part in the development of WeQ Pedagogy in a Helsinki Challenge team.
2015-2016: Ideology and Discourse Analysis in Advanced Methods; Foundations of Political Thinking; Comparative Politics, BA Seminar in Politics (Spring term).

Current positions of trust:

I’m an active scholar, promoting open access and e-publishing, and co-operation beyond disciplinary boundaries – particularly in dissemination and discussion of science-based arguments. 
Chair of Society for Cultural Policy Research in Finland.
Board Member of the Finnish Political Science Association.
Editor of the Finnish Political Science Association’s book series.
Founder of politiikasta.fi online magazine of the Finnish Political Science Association.
Board Member of Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing
Vice-member of Board of Finnish Federation of Learned Societies
Don’t hesitate to contact. I’m happy to answer your calls: if I don’t pick up one, try the other mobile.
Office hours: Wed 2–3 pm (term-time).
Email: firstname.lastname@helsinki.fi
Tel: +358 02941 23571
+358 50 448 2878 (work)
+358 40 5077198 (home)
skype: paradiastole 
Postal address:
Dept. of Political and Economic Studies
P.O.Box 54 (Unioninkatu 37)
00014 University of Helsinki
Office hours Wed 2-3 pm. In Spring 2017 from 15 January to 10 May, excluding 12 April.
These are updated my website
blogs.helsinki.fi/epalonenSupplementing/Korvaavuudet P260 etc. by email / sähköpostilla.

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