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Presentations in Academic conferences, a selection:

  1. Political symbols: between impact and intentions, Panel at the Politics and Arts Section of the ECPR Conference, 24.–27.8.2011, Reykjavik, Iceland
  2. Discourse and ideology: story-telling, images, and the space of conflicts workshop leader NOPSA Conference, 09.08.2011 – 12.08.2011, Finland
  3. ‘Where dreams take place: envisioning neo-liberal Helsinki’ International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis: Discursive Spaces. Politics, Practices and Power, 23.06.2011 – 25.06.2011, Cardiff, United Kingdom
  4. ‘Electoral Revolution and the Populist Challenge in Finland 2011’ Essex Conference in Critical Political Theory: Global Challenges – New imaginaries: Image, Voice and Radical Democracy, 15.06.2011 – 17.06.2011, Essex, United Kingdom.
  5. ‘Where dreams take place: reframing contemporary Helsinki from Katajanokka Design Hotel to Guggenheim’ International Symposium: Urban Symbolic Landscapes: Power, Language, Memory, 03.05.2011 – 05.05.2011, HCAS, Helsinki, Finland
  6. ‘Poliittinen internet: Wikileaksista minäjournalismiin’ (Political Internet: From Wikileaks to Me-journalism’ Public one day seminar: Kriittisessä tilassa: Verkon silmässä, 09.04.2011, Tampere, Finland
  7. ‘‘Rupture and continuity – Fidesz and the Hungarian revolutionary tradition’, Rupture(s) in Revolution, 28.10.2010 – 29.10.2010, Paris, France
  8. ‘Culture of populism? Fringe and mainstream populists’ Tenth Essex Conference in Critical Political Theory, 16.06.2010 – 18.06.2010, Essex, United Kingdom‘
  9. ‘Politics of Scandals in Katajanokka – Wow, that awful building!’ Senses of the Political – Symposium, 08.06.2010 – 09.06.2010, Finland

10.  ‘Competing populisms: political frontiers in Hungary’ Populism – the 17th summer school of cultural studies, 03.06.2010 – 05.06.2010, Jyväskylä, Finland

11.  ‘Politics of Scandals in Katajanokka – Wow, that awful building!’ Estetiikka, taide ja politiikka/Aesthetics, Art, and Politics, 06.05.2010 – 07.05.2010, Helsinki, Finland

12.  European Capitals of Culture – a contested cultural policy’, Baltic Symposium, 30.04.2010, SSEES/UCL, London, United Kingdom

13.  ‘Building “Europe” in Luxembourg’, 2010 AAG Annual Meeting, 14.04.2010 – 18.04.2010, Washington, DC, United States

14.  ‘Mainstream and fringe populisms in contemporary Hungary’ PSA conference: Sixty Years of Political Studies: Achievements and Futures, 29.03.2010 – 30.04.2010, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

15.  ‘Fringe and Mainstream Populism in Hungary’ ECPR Joined Sessions Münster, 22.03.2010 – 27.03.2010, Germany

16.  ‘Poliittinen polarisaatio Unkarissa’ Venäjän ja Itä-Euroopan tutkimuksen päivät (VIEPÄ) – Idäntutkimuksen uudet tuulet, 08.03.2010 – 09.03.2010, Finland

17.  “The changing of the guards: politics of the street names in Budapest”, Urban place names – International symposium, 13−16 August 2009

18.  “Discourse, unity and difference in contemporary struggles” 12 March 2009 Finnish PSA conference, Tampere, Finland

19.  “Helsinki – a divided city?” 5 February 2009 Slubice, Poland

20.  “Places in “Europe”: comparative focus to the local Europeanness”, The XV NOPSA Conference, Tromsö, Norway, 6.-9.8. 2008

21.  “Political Polarisation and Populism in Contemporary Hungary”, World Conference: Ideology and Discourse Analysis (IDA), 8.-9.9.2008, Roskilde University, Denmark

22.  ”Kaupunki-imagot konfliktissa: diskursseja Budapestista” [City-images in conflict: discourses about Budapest]. Kaupunkitutkimuksen päivät [Urban Studies Days] 8–9 May 2008.

23.  “Building the Nation in Europe: Us and Them on Place d’Europe, Luxembourg”. Invited presentation. Meeting the Other, European Encounters with the Wider World from the Classical Period to the Present. University of Helsinki, Finland, May 15–16, 2008.

24.  “Building the nation in Europe: transformations in three European capital cities”, XL Politics Study Days (Finnish PSA), University of Lapland 27.-28.3.2008

25.  “Kaupunki-interventio EU-lippu-muistomerkki tutkimuksen lähteenä” [Urban intervention EU Flag Memorial as the source for research]. III Kulttuurintutkimuksen päivät – aineisto [Cultural Studies Days], University of Joensuu, 14–15 December 2007

26.  ‘Space and people: politics of street naming’. Invited presentation. Naming Places / Placing Names. Workshop. University of East Carolina, Greenville, North Carolina, US. October 13-16, 2007.

27.  ‘Discourses, Communities and Dissent: Politics of Street Names and Statues’, Rhetoric, Concepts and Discourse – beyond Hungarian politics (working title), Collegium Budapest, 31 August – 2 September 2006.

28.  ‘Paradiastole and Catachresis: The Political Theory of Skinner and Laclau’, Workshops in Political Theory, 6-8 September 2006, Manchester.

29.  ‘Agonism and polarised politics: discussing Mouffe in Hungary’, Seventh Graduate Conference in Political Theory: Politics and Rhetoric, 12-13.5.2006, University of Essex

30.  ‘Constructing communities: politics of “European”, national, local and activist memories in contemporary Europe’, Junior Visiting Fellow’s Conference, Institute for Human Sciences, IWM, 14.12.2005.

31.  Constructing communities: politics of “European”, national, local and activist memories in contemporary Europe’, Panel (also the panel convenor): ‘Politics of Memory: construction of communities in transnational context’, BISA 30th Annual British International Studies Association Conference, St Andrews, 19-21 December 2005

32.  ‘A Fidesz Budapesten. Határteremtések és térfoglalások’ [Fidesz in Budapest: Frontier building and occupation of space], A FIDESZVALÓSÁG, Conference on discursive approach to Politics, Institute for Political Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 14 October 2005.

33.  ‘Politics of Architecture in Contemporary Budapest’, 3rd ECRP Conference, Budapest, 8-10 September 2005.

34.  ‘City-images in contemporary Budapest:The mayor’s nostalgia for the 19th century capital and metropolis’, Junior Visiting Fellow’s Conference, Institute for Human Sciences, IWM, 8.6.2005.

35.  ‘Politics of Polarisation: logics and problematics’, Sixth Graduate Conference in Political Theory: Politics and Rhetoric, 13.-14.5.2005, University of Essex

36.  ‘Rhetoric and Politics. A Study of Skinnerian and Laclauian Politics’ VAKAVA, Finnish Doctoral School in Political Science and International Relations: Republic, Rhetoric, And Politics; Roman and Italian Political Cultures and Contemporary Debates, Villa Lante, Finnish Cultural Institute in Rome, 25-28 October 2004

37.  ‘Kaupunkikuvan muutoksen politiikkaa Budapestissa’ [Politics of the changing cityscape in Budapest], Kaupunkitutkimuksen päivät : valta ja politiikka [Conference for Urban Studies: power and politics, The Finnish Society of Housing and Planning], House of Sciences, Helsinki 27.–28.5.2004

38.  ‘Catachresis and paradiastole: comparing and combing rhetoric of Laclau and Skinner’ and ‘Visiting the glass box of parliamentary democracy: an experience of the new Reichstag’, Fifth Essex Graduate Conference in Political Theory: Difference, Gender, Class, University of Essex, Department of Government, 7-8 May, 2004

39.  ‘Kadunnimien ja patsaiden politiikkaa jäljittämässä’ [Tracing the politics of the city-text] Metodi: I Kulttuurintutkimuksen päivät [Method, First Bi-Annual Finnish Cultural Studies Conference] 12-13.12.2003

40.  ‘Rhetoric of Change on Trafalgar Square, or Taking Quentin Skinner to the Trafalgar Square of Ken Livingstone’, Fourth Graduate Conference in Political Theory: Politics and Rhetoric, 9.-11.5.2003, University of Essex

41.  ‘Politics and Memory in the City-Text of Budapest’, workshop on Politics and Memory, ECPR Joined Sessions, 28.3.– 2.4.2003, Edinburgh

42.  ‘Collective and Individual Memories in the Postcommunist City-Text of Budapest’ Crossroads in Cultural Studes, 4th International Conference, 29.6.-2.7.2002, Tampere

43.  ‘Postcommunist Histories in Budapest: The Cult of Great Men in Spring 2002’ Contours of Legitimacy in Central Europe: New Approaches in Graduate Studies, 24.-25.5.2002, European Studies Centre St. Anthony’s College, Oxford

44.  ‘Politics of the Nation and History in Hungarian Elections 2002’ Third Graduate Conference in Political Theory, 17.-18.5.2002, University of Essex

45.  ‘Politics of the Collective Memory in Budapest In 2002′ UACES Student Forum: Third Annual Southern Regional Conference, 11.5.2002, Sussex European Institute, University of Sussex

46.  ’From Polis to Metropolitics? Studying the City-Text in Budapest and London’, Ancient Heritage of Politics and Democracy, 11.-14.3.2002, Doctoral Course of VAKAVA, Finnish Archeological Institute, Athens

47.  ‘Politics of the Changing City-Text in Post-Communist Budapest’ Politiikan tutkimuspäivät, [Finnish PSA annual conference] 10.-11.1.2001, Jyväskylä

48.  ‘Canonisation and Recanonisation in Hungarian Street Names’, 5th International Congress of Hungarian Studies, 6.-10.8.2001, Jyväskylä

Visiting Lectures, a selection, prior to academic positions:

  • “Kaupunkikuvan politiikka Budapestissa” [politics of the cityscape in Budapest], in lecture series of social change in Russia and Eastern Europe, Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki, 17.11.2008-21.11.2008, online lecture. Also in 2009 and 2010.
  • Political frontiers, consensus, and democracy: problematising political polarisation, 25 March 2006, ISES, Szombathely, Hungary, A visiting lecture in MA in European Studies Kőszeg.
  • “Flying University” (informal course on the model of the dissident “universities”, organised by local students of politics, taught by academics), Budapest: Radical Democracy of Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau, 6 March 2006.
  • Centre for the Study of Political Discourses, Institute for Political Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, two lecture series: Introduction to Laclau’s Discourse Theory (in Hungarian), 6 weeks Autumn, 2005; Chantal Mouffe: From the Political to Radical Democracy, (in English), 3 weeks February – March 2006.
  • Corvinus University, Budapest: Politics of Street Names and Statues: a Case of Budapest, a visiting lecture at an advanced level (MA) course on Political Geography, 22 February 2006.
  • Centre for the Study of Political Discourses, Institute for Political Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (in Hungarian): Introduction to Discourse Theory . Lecture series, 5 weeks, November – December
  • University of Jyväskylä: in lecture series on Contemporary Political Thought, by Kia Lindroos and Suvi Soininen, 2005-6 (in Finnish): ‘Ernesto Laclau’, 21 October 2005; ‘Chantal Mouffe’, 28 October.
  • University of Jyväskylä: in lecture series Politiikka ja sen tutkimus [Politics and the study of it] (2.4.-28.4.2004): ‘Kaupunkitekstin politiikka tutkimuksen kohteena’ [Politics of the city-text as an object of study] 17.3.2004

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