Instructions for students

Enrolling and taking the exam

To take an electronic exam you need to have a user account for the university computer network. Note that only some courses offer an option of taking an electronic exam.

  1. Register for the course / exam in WebOodi.
  2. Login to Examinarium to choose a place and time for taking the exam.
  3. You should shortly receive a confirmation email. Read this carefully. Note not only the time and place but also the letter of the computer the system has assigned to you.
  4. Arrive on time. The exams starts on the hour. If your plans change or you are unable to take the exam on your chosen time remember to cancel your reservation!
  5. The exams can consist of one or more sections, each containing one or more questions. You may navigate between the sections from the sidebar and answer the questions in any order you wish.
  6. When you are done remember to submit your answers. Leave the room promptly to make room for the next candidate.

Rules and important notes

  • You are not allowed to take your coat, bag, any food or drinks, pens or papers or other belongings to the exam room.
  • You are not allowed to leave the room during the exam.
  • The exams are supervised and recorded using security cameras.

Cancelling or changing the reservation

If you can’t take the exam at the time of your reservation, remember to either change the reservation or remove the booking before the reserved exam time.

No-shows and aborted exams are counted as an attempt. Examiner sets the number of allowed attempts for the exam. If you have used all the attempts, contact the examiner.