Culture Journals in Mari and Udmurt Languages Available at Fenno-Ugrica

The National Library of Finland has published several journals in Mari and Udmurt languages in the course of Minority Languages Project. The journals do reflect the cultural lives of the Udmurt and Mari intellegentsia in the 1920s and the 1930 as they are rich in prose, drama and poetry.

kenesh Molot MOlot2 Pioner Pioner2 PKV Uiljish Uvijmar_1-7

The published journals in Udmurt are: Molot, Kylburet udysyn and Keneš.

The journals in Mari Languages are: Arlan, Arlаn dene kesten, Žurnаl-učebnik, Izi kolhoznik, Jallan lukmo, Jаkšаr znаmy, Kurаlše, Mаrij ӱdrаmаš, Pionʹer jӱk, Proletаr kulʹtur verč, Tunyktymo pаšа, U vij, U sem and Vojna uver.

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