Interrupting Future Trajectories of Precision Education Governance (FuturEd) is a research project in the AGORA for the study of social justice and equality in education -research centre, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki, led by professor Kristiina Brunila.

The overriding aim of the FuturEd-project is to support novel researcher- and curiosity-driven research areas to analyse the rise of precision education governance (PEG) in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark), Continental European countries and Australia.

Precision education governance is an umbrella concept developed in the FuturEd-project’s Nordic, Continental European and Australiasian partnership to refer to

  • Global governance of education
  • Marketisation, privatisation and digitalisation of education
  • Emergence of behavioural and life sciences in education

Precision education governance demonstrates highly tailored and personalized forming of education and the new forms of assemblages coming together to shape the future and focus of education. This provides a research agenda, where we can critically explore the intersections of various areas: knowledge behind education, educational institutions from early childhood education and care to higher and continuing education, global and local education policy-making, and education businesses.