NERA 2020: Finnish Education Export


Dr. Helena Candido and Dr. Kristiina Brunila gave their presentation in relation to Finnish education export in NERA 2020. They argued how the neoliberal shift of education governance towards a managerial regime has increased global education competition whereby education is considered a valuable asset, and therefore, an export product. Their preliminary findings show that Finnish education export has started in a ‘direct and strategic export growth’ stage much later than other countries and diverges from other countries’ transnational education practices. The education export in Finland rely on both material and symbolic practices of branding Finnish education as a unique ‘good’ in association to the country’s leading positions in innovation, human capital and global competitiveness. The ‘naturalized’ market-oriented nature of Finnish education export contrasts with the Finnish primarily public education system.

Future Trajectories of Education in Uncertain Times -seminar

FuturEd arranged an intl. seminar to talk about the future of education with researchers, policy makers and educational professionals. It was held
23–24 September 2019, University of Helsinki .


Monday 23 September at 12 pm–4 pm

12:15 pm Dean and Professor Johanna Mäkelä: Why the future of education matters
12:25 pm Associate professor Kristiina Brunila: The rise of precision education and why we should care
12:45–2 pm Professor Fazal Rizvi: Global transformations and educational futures
Commentator Dr. Johanna Sitomaniemi-San
Coffee break
2:15–3:30 pm Dr. Ben Williamson:  Data-intensive technology and life-sensitive science: neurotechnologies, bioinformatics & precision education
Commentator Associate professor Nelli Piattoeva
3:30–4 pm Open discussion
Tuesday 24 September at 10 am–3 pm

10–11:15 am Professor Malin Ideland: Google and the end of the teacher? How edu-tech business actors imagine future education
Commentator Associate professor Janne Varjo
11:15 am–12:30 pm Dr. Satu Valkonen & Dr. Jaana Pesonen: Privatisation and marketisation of early childhood education in Finland
Commentator PhD researcher Marjo Mäntyjärvi
12:30–12:40 pm Closure

The event is organised by AGORA for the study of social justice and equality in education -research centre, FuturEd-research project, Education & Society-research community, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

Education in the Era of Neuroliberalism University of Melbourne

Brunila gave invited talk in the University of Melbourne, 13th of November 2019. The title of the talk was “Education in the Era of Neuroliberalism.” She talked about a wide array of discourses, policies, social practices and subjectivities gaining legitimacy from behavioural and economic sciences as inherent part of wider neoliberal state reforms taking shape as a governing rationality. She argued how current reforms within and beyond education have worked towards a new kind of individually and personally tailored precision education governance requiring a specific type of ideal learning subjectivity, individual traits, strenghts, and vulnerabilities.