Research group: Geography of Well-being and Education

A research group lead by Petteri Muukkonen

Welcome to the web page of the research group in Geography of Well-being and Education in the University of Helsinki.

We study spatial and geographical aspects of well-being and education in the society, in cities and suburbans, and as well as in various levels of education in geography. Well-being can be either environmental, physical, or societal well-being. Therefore, it has several dimensions that can be studied as spatial or geographical phenomena. GIS, applied geoinformatics, and geomedia form the core of our research as a data source and methodology, and even as a research topic.


Sonja Koivisto started in November 2020 as a research assistant in YLLI-project

Sonja is a Master’s student in geoinformatics in the Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki. She started in November 2020 as a research assistant in YLLI-project. In her studies and research, Sonja is interested in learning more about big data analytics and possibilities of social media data in research. She did her Bachelor’s …

Two postdocs started in the group – welcome Pengyuan and Tua!

Tua Nylén is a geographer originally from the University of Helsinki. For the next years, she will be working in the Strategic Research Council project CRITICAL (Technological and Societal Innovations to Cultivate Critical Reading in the Internet Era) with a large consortium extending to other Finnish universities. Her focus will be in the critical geomedia …

Maantieteen ylioppilaskokeen kestävän kehityksen esseevastauksissa laaja osaamisen kirjo

Julia Leivo, Olli Ruth ja Petteri Muukkonen selvittivät tuoreessa Ainedidaktiikka-lehden artikkelissaan kuinka maantieteen ylioppilaskokeeseen osallistuneet kokelaat hallitsevat taloudellisen kestävän kehityksen keskeiset teemat. Ja kuinka kokelaat osaavat vastauksissaan soveltaa oppimaansa. Leivo ja kumppanit analysoivat ensin millaisia ajattelun taidon tasoja maantieteen ylioppilaskokeen taloudellista kestävää kehitystä käsittelevät kysymykset vaativat kokelailta. Ja seuraavaksi he selvittivät millaisia ajattelun taidon tasoja …