Courses, Autumn 2016

Intermediate courses

Code Course name Credits
 56316 Methods in Geoinformatics 7cr
56302 Bachelor seminar, Geoinformatics 4 cr
562831 Satellite positioning methods in geography 3 cr

Advanced courses

Code Course name Credits
562820 RasterGIS 5 cr
562830 Applied Spatial Statistics 3 cr
56279 Automating GIS-processes 5 cr
56304 Seminar in Geoinformatics, M.Sc 5 cr
56301 Methods in Remote Sensing 5 cr
56269 GIS in society 5 cr
56266 Analysing accessibility and mobility using novel data sources 5 cr

Please note that some courses are only given in Finnish or Swedish! Check the language and prerequisite course requirements from Weboodi.