The research field of geoinformatics concentrates on applying and developing methods of geoinformatics in spatial research questions. The methodological development and applications under geoinformatics include spatial data processing and analysis methods in geographical information systems (GIS), spatial data infrastructures (SDI), remote sensing, and location based services.

The research carried out at the department is directed based on the requirements of the society and recent advances in science, combined with the interests of the staff and students. Recently, the research has focused on analyses and methods of land cover change detection and modeling, as well as modeling human-environment interactions. Research has been carried out in the boreal and arctic regions, as well as in the tropics in Africa (seeĀ Taita Research Station) and Amazonia.

Research in geoinformatics is carried out both as individual research projects and as part of larger research groups. Most often, research in geoinformatics is multi- and cross disciplinary; a joint effort among researchers with different backgrounds.

Active research topics: