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Regina_KH_2We initiated gerbera EST sequencing early 2002 and sequenced 16994 cDNAs from 9 different cDNA libraries of the variety Regina and one library of the variety Nero (Laitinen et al., Genome Research 2005). Ever since, the rapid development of next generation (NG) sequencing methods have increased the gerbera sequence collections significantly.


  • 16994 Sanger reads; EMBL accession numbers: AJ7500001-AJ766994
  • 300,000 Roche 454 reads
  • 101 905 378 Illumina sequences
  • Gene space sequencing at Univ. of British Columbia (Prof. Loren Rieseberg)

Laitinen RAE, Immanen J, Auvinen P, Rudd S, Alatalo E, Paulin L, Ainasoja M, Kotilainen M, Koskela S, Teeri TH, Elomaa P: Analysis of the floral transcriptome uncovers new regulators of organ determination and gene families related to flower organ differentiation in Gerbera hybrida (Asteraceae). Genome Research 15: 475-486 (2005).