The Mexican drug war and sex addiction on the big screen

The chaotic ongoing war on drugs in Mexico is portrayed in the new film “Miss Bala”, directed by Gerardo Naranjo. NY Time’s review describes:

“The film’s foreboding is a reflection of the national mood as Mexico enters the sixth year of the government’s frontal assault on drug traffickers. Estimates put the death toll around 50,000 since 2006, and the murders pile up relentlessly. What feeds despair here more than the daily violence, though, is the suspicion that nobody in charge has the ability, the will or the integrity to defeat the criminals and the corruption that supports them. The anxiety that anyone can become a victim guides “Miss Bala.””

Read the review here.

Another topical movie, “Shame”, directed by Steve McQueen, portrayes a struggle with sex addiction by a man in New York. Time Out describes‘Shame’ as “interested in the stark immediacy of one man’s world and drawing us into that world without easy explanations. It’s a work that feels, both for our times and of them”

Read the whole review here.