The A-BRAIN project’s first meeting

The A-BRAIN research consortium had its first work meeting in Toronto 26-28.3.2018. In the picture, from left Patricia Conrod, Sarah Forberger, Michael Egerer, Matilda Hellman, Jürgen Rehm. Jeffrey Wardell, Elroy Boers, Christian Hendershot.
Missing from picture: Anna Alanko, John Cunningham, Doris Ochterbeck, Petteri Koivula

New analysis on gambling research in the Nordics

A new article published in Addiction Research and Theory reviews the gambling literature published by Nordic researchers. The study, which is conducted by Johanna Nordmyr and Anna K. Forsman at Åbo Akademy University, shows that most publications stem from Finland, followed by Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The University of Helsinki and the National Institute for Health and Welfare are the main gambling research producers in Finland. Continue reading

Debate article on marketing of alcohol

Asking consumers to recommend alcohol products and give ideas on their use in interactive mass media platforms is an enormous and cheap marketing resource for the alcohol industry. Swedish regulation and supervision is lagging behind, writes CEACG-researchers Matilda Hellman, Mikaela Lindeman and Johan Svensson in a debate article in the Metro paper this morning. Read the debate article here.

Lifestyle diseases: Responsibility and Ethics

The CEACG is arranging the conference Lifestyle diseases: Responsibility and Ethics in Helsinki 11 -12 June 2018 together with the Nordic Committee on Bioethics, a committee underneath NordForsk. A programme draft can be found here: Lifestyle Disease – Responsibility and Ethics

Background and Scope: Non-communicable diseases (NCD), such as arteriosclerotic vascular disease, heart diseases and stroke, osteoporosis and Type II diabetes, are associated with certain behavioral choices and ways of living. According to Eurostat and the WHO, life expectancy in Europe is currently decreasing due to smoking, drinking and obesity. Continue reading


The official start day of the new A-BRAIN project is today, the 1st of March, 2018. The A-BRAIN project (2018-2021) concerns the implementation of the Brain Disease Model of Addiction (BDMA) and its possible implications for policy and practice. Seen in a wider perspective the project asks what it means when epistemic dogma starts situating the problems of addiction in the brain. How can this kind of knowledge be used and implemented in the most fruitful, sound and ethical ways? How can societies utilize the valuable parts of these discoveries and how does it change the ways in which we deal with addiction? Continue reading

The new alcohol act: more availability to minors?

Finland is renewing its alcohol act. The government has presented its proposal to the Parliament. It is now being considered and negotiated by the help of expertise hearings. One of these experts is Anu Katainen, university researcher and leader of the Online Marketing of Alcohol– project: “The proposal for the new alcohol act may put an end to the decreasing trend in under-age alcohol consumption which has been continuing for almost two decades now”, she says. Continue reading